Are you looking for a full-scale makeover of your home or simply updating your bedroom? Bridhi Furnishing, a complete home interior solution provider in Gorakhpur, can help you give your home a polished aesthetic with refreshing interior design styles to suit your taste.

In collaboration with Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints, we offer various interior design styles, the names of which are inspired by certain periods in history or certain geographical regions, and each style exhibits unique characteristics, such as finish and experience.

Let us take a look at the most popular interior design styles that you will love.

  1. Modern interior design style

Modern interior design gives precedence over form and emphasises strong individual elements, neutral colour palettes (such as monochromes), and a homey atmosphere. The predominant colours characterizing the style are typically black and white, although primaries like red, blue, and green are also frequent. The style makes extensive use of clean lines. Although natural light plays a major role, the style may employ artificial lighting, such as accent or ceiling lights to draw attention to particular details like architectural features.

Creating a basic and clutter-free home environment is the core principle of the design. This incorporates the idea that a house with a modern design shouldn’t be filled with adornments. Everything in a modern-styled home is created or added with a functional, logical purpose, and other accessories, such as furniture, sculptures and paintings, are chosen to complement this design.

  • Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary, which literally means marked by the characteristics of the current periods, overlaps the aesthetics of various styles.

Same to its terminology, contemporary design shows fluidity. It mixes all the best of all styles. It includes elements of Modernism, Minimalism, Industrial, Scandinavian and others. However, this does not suggest that modern style is a mashup of numerous styles, making it ambiguous and vague. Contrarily, modern designs combine a clean aesthetic with a harmony of form and function.

The best part of a contemporary design aesthetic is that it can be non-cohesive and still work. Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or anything else, each room can have its distinctive contemporary style. A blended style is another option, where one room is modern while the rest are not. The majority of style components in contemporary styles are also “ready to build kits,” making them useful over time.

Unlike other trends, which are rigid and immovable, contemporary interior design is always evolving. What is current today might not still be so in ten years.

  • Minimalist Interior Design Style

The minimalist home design style is just as described—minimal. The notion of minimalism is emphasized in every part of your room or home with this type of interior design. The emphasis is on simplicity and functionality in everything from the furniture to the colours. Accents and functional items should not be garish or overly loud. Everything in the house is understated, functional, and uncomplicated. The minimalist interior design reflects the minimalist life philosophy of avoiding extravagance.

  • Scandinavian Interior Design Style

This interior design style is a straightforward synthesis of several design fads that emerged in Europe in the 20th century. It results in a straightforward yet cosy inlay of your house. It is the concept of bringing warmth into one’s house. Scandinavian design is primarily on simplicity and minimalism.

Homes decorated in the Scandinavian style are lovely, straightforward, and quite functional. It has a cosy feeling to it and makes you appreciate life’s little pleasures. The utilitarian furniture characterizing Scandinavian-style houses is made using natural materials by skilled craftsmen.

  • Industrial Interior Design Style

A wonderful fusion of design and function is the industrial interior style. As the name suggests, this style brings attention to specific features of a building’s architecture that would typically be concealed by the interior design. Pipes or bare brick walls make excellent examples of these. This design puts a new emphasis on beauty while putting function and utility front and centre. An industrially themed home is filled with details taken from factories, warehouses, and other commercial buildings. The bare, industrial materials deliver a powerful message.

  • Eclectic Interior Design Style

This interior design style is extremely individualised and subjective. Being inspired by numerous styles of home design and choosing the best items from a variety of sources are the core concepts of eclecticism. Eclectic homes are filled with clashing design elements, and combining them gives the room a distinctive feel.

The eclectic design style allows you to use your imagination freely to choose hues and colour schemes that are genuinely personal to you and give the room of your dreams a touch of your personality. Eclectic interior design is reminiscent of mismatched pieces that, when combined, create a lovely mosaic. Consider things carefully and appreciate elements through colour or texture to achieve the desired look and vibe in an eclectic-styled home.

  • Bohemian Interior Design Style

The Bohemian interior design style is a trait of persons that are free-spirited and appreciate mixing culture and fashion. This fashion supports blending in colour schemes and is less rigorous in terms of structure and order. The bohemian home design aesthetic is characterised by a lot of natural elements and striking patterns. It is made up of several trinkets that you may use to decorate various rooms in your homes, such as the living room or bedroom.


Bridhi Furnishing in Gorakhpur is a one-stop shop for all your home design needs. With Beautiful Homes, we are here to create or recreate your spaces with the most popular trends. We understand what each part of your home means to you. Simply let us know the type of interior design you are seeking, and we will work together to transform your vision into a reality. With years of experience and expert designers, we will satisfy you, regardless of whether you want to increase aesthetic appeal, harmonize your space’s feel with existing buildings, or experiment with colour schemes.

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