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Weatherseal Windows delivers exceptional quality along with comprehensive services, covering everything from consulting to the selection of glass and frames, and culminating in easy, hassle-free installations tailored to your convenience. Our uPVC Doors & Windows stand out as cost-effective products, offering the best quality at an affordable price. Weathersea by Bridhi Furnishing is your go-to source for solutions to all your uPVC Doors & Windows requirements. Regardless of external conditions, we ensure a positive interior environment for your home.

Explore our diverse collection of modernized uPVC Doors, seamlessly fixed to your entry gate in record time. These doors are in high demand across industrial and residential sectors, with unique features such as durability, safety, adaptability, and environmentally efficient materials, making uPVC doors the preferred choice. Our uPVC Sliding Doors are crafted with precision, consisting of two or more sashes that slide horizontally on tracks, offering a sleek and space-saving design. Customize the width and height of the doors with additional sashes, while the sliders operate on a smooth ‘ride over’ mechanism.

Choose Weatherseal Windows to experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and affordability. Elevate your living space with our premium uPVC windows and doors, setting new standards in the industry. Enjoy benefits such as:

Energy Efficiency: Reduce electricity usage and cut down on energy costs.
Noise Cancelling Solutions: Create a peaceful and tranquil environment by cutting out unwanted noise.
Enhanced Security: Ensure peace of mind by eliminating the risk of unauthorized entry.
Transform your space with Weatherseal Windows – where quality meets excellenc

uPVC doors

Modern architecture demands design perfection and stellar functional benefits for construction and remodelling. In addition, the design, built quality, durability, ease of operation, and other instrumental factors are crucial in selecting the suitable variant. Promising the best of both worlds, uPVC doors by AIS Windows are a perfect amalgamation of elegant looks and functionality, making them ideal for both commercial and residential sectors. Although the cost of uPVC doors is higher as compared to traditional doors and window frame options, however, due to their long-lasting durability, you save a fortune by installing them at your home or office.

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AIS Windows is the Strategic Business Unit of Asahi India Glass Pvt. Ltd, manufacturing a range of high-quality aluminium windows and frames, uPVC windows, glass windows, wooden windows, and french windows. We have an expert team with the expertise and knowledge to create window profiles, exceeding in the performance and offering bespoke visuals and perfectly complementing any property they’re installed into.

At AIS Windows, we offer a myriad of appealing window designs and window styles (like french window designs) that can ultimately enhance the aesthetics of the space. Our highly trained and experienced engineers design these fixtures to provide complete insulation from dust, rain, pollution, and noise. Also, we have window types varying from casement windows to sliding windows, and you can customize our innovative window designs (for example, french window designs) to match your taste and preferences. We offer a range of home and office windows, available in different styles and colours.

We pride ourselves on our customer-first approach. From ordering through to delivery, we aim to provide you with the service & support tools to make your life easier, and our windows prices are competitive in the market.

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