High-performance house uPVC windows

Bridhi Furnishing in Gorakhpur brings you high-performance house uPVC windows with AIS glass. The complete home solution provider in Gorakhpur collaborates with Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS) to provide a comprehensive range of high-performance windows doors in the uPVC profile. These come in a variety of customizable options and are generally intended for usage in residences, workplaces, and flats. In this blog, let us know about the types of high-performance house uPVC windows with AIS glass in Gorakhpur.

Types of high-performance house uPVC windows with AIS glass

Casement Windows: Casement windows are perfect for rooms with great views of the outside. They have a special double sealing system that seals them off from the outside air and keeps noise, dust, and pollution out. Casement windows come in a variety of options (such as top-hung, side-hung, etc.) to match your home’s style. Depending on the functionality needed, casement windows are supported by hinges and can open either inwards or outwards. In addition, we offer strong and beautiful uPVC window frames for increased security and curb appeal.

Tilt-and-turn Windows: One of the most adaptable windows from AIS glass is the tilt-and-turn window. These windows have several uses. They swing open like doors for more ventilation and tilt open at the top for controlled ventilation when necessary. The tilting option keeps the space well-ventilated while preventing rain from entering. Both of these activities are managed by a single-handle turn. In addition, they come with uPVC frames to improve their endurance and visual appeal. Install them in areas that need more comfort and ventilation.

Sliding Windows: Windows with sliders have two or more sashes that slide horizontally open. These windows can be moved easily and quickly since they are mounted on rollers and spaced along a track. Sliding windows also provide the best space use because the sashes do not open outwards or inwards but rather remain inside the frame. Install them and take advantage of a wonderful panoramic view of the outside with frames made of uPVC.

Fixed Windows: The stationary, non-operable fixed window style is the best option for the rooms in your home that need natural lighting. It blocks out heat, dust, and noise while providing an unhindered view for improved aesthetics. To further enhance appearance and performance, this type of window can be installed in frames made of uPVC.

Glass-to-Glass Windows: Glass-to-glass windows don’t have mullions because their glass panes are seamlessly connected to one another. They offer outstanding panoramic views from every angle, without any impediment, and go well with modern interior designs. Glass-to-glass windows, which are in uPVC frames, give homes a lovely dimension and give the impression of space.

Bay Windows: Bay windows turn a tiny projecting area in a living room or bedroom into a cosy personal retreat. They consist of a grouping of three or more windows that extend outside the house, creating a bay shape and expanding the interior space. Install this distinctive design with frames made of uPVC to improve the room’s visual appeal and usefulness.

Arched Windows: The bottom of an arch window is rectangular, and the top is semi-circular. These round-top windows come in two different styles: fixed and unfixed which can be opened to let air in. They provide visual appeal to the room’s overall design. These tough, elegant-looking windows frequently have grids (bars dividing the glass) added to them to make them more functional. They are available with a variety of embellishments, including uPVC frames, to match the style of your entire home.

Combination Windows: Combination windows, made of uPVC combine sliding, casement, and fixed windows. They either combine windows of the same type or various types. As an alternative, they can be produced specifically for each customer. Combination windows are made to let in lots of natural light and give your room the ideal finishing touch in terms of appearance.

Customized Windows: Customized windows made of uPVC come in a variety of shapes, including trapezoids, hexagons, triangles, and octagons. The variety of shapes that these windows give allows for a wide range of architectural ideas. When these are put in, the house’s general curb appeal also rises.


Bridhi Furnishing with AIS Windows provides a complete 360-degree window solution, including design, consultancy, glass and frame selection, and installation. We provide the best glass goods and hardware fittings along with the ideal material combination. Through our broad product selection, we also cater to various features like safety, security, noise cancellation, and energy efficiency in addition to typical functions like environmental protection, daylighting, and aesthetics. We manufacture and expertly install our noise-cancelling windows, burglar-resistant windows, solar control windows, safety glass windows, monsoon-proof windows, and a variety of custom benefit windows with the utmost perfection. If you are looking to install high-performance uPVC windows, connect with us.