A few years back, several traditional components were included in kitchen designs, but the trend started changing, and now the current year 2023, is ready to abandon the traditional aesthetic in favour of sleek, futuristic kitchen designs with angular, uncluttered lines. This is because they can look more polished and are easier to maintain. Sleek Kitchen offers a wide variety of modular kitchens in Gorakhpur. Bridhi Furnishing, Gorakhpur, works with Sleek Kitchen by Asian Paints to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen and make it more spacious and functional. In this blog, let us learn about the latest trends in modular kitchen design for 2023.

  • Use of space-saving furniture

If you are looking for a kitchen style, our expert designers at Sleek Kitchen by Asian Paints in Gorakhpur suggest choosing styles that make the most of available space and organize the kitchen. Without taking up too much room, pantry units, concealed drawers, and corner units can help maintain your kitchen in tip-top shape. These modular systems make work get done faster and offer easy organization of kitchen necessities as our lives become busier by the day.

High functionality and additional storage space are now more in demand without sacrificing the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. We recognize that this may sound precarious, but modular kitchens in Gorakhpur provide the best of both worlds with innovative space-saving designs.

  • Include stone slabs for Kitchen Backsplash Trends

In 2023, stone slabs will take the place of tiles and lacquered glass in the backsplash. In addition, a variety of textured stone styles will be popular for kitchen countertops in 2023. To make the room appear elegant and spacious, our kitchen designers advise using backsplash slabs that coordinate with the countertop.

With our experience, expert designers, and high-quality materials, we are completely on board with the most recent backsplash and countertop designs to give your kitchen a luxurious yet classic appearance.

  • Create crockery and bar units in cabinet designs

At-home entertainment has grown in popularity since COVID. Individuals socialize with their pals just as much at home as they do in eateries or coffee shops. So, bar cabinets and crockery units would be trending kitchen designs in 2023.

These multipurpose cabinet designs add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen while providing additional storage and display space. The backlit shelves and clear glass doors will highlight the elegance of your pricey china.

Try the trending Duco Finish for kitchen design

With Duco finish cabinets, you can spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank. It is not only durable but also quite beautiful. For a vibrant kitchen, our kitchen designer advises combining Duco gloss cabinets with printed surfaces for modular kitchens in Gorakhpur.

You can choose natural tones like champagne and earthy browns for people who want a trendy design to go with their home furnishings. It is predicted that all earthy materials, including stone, cement, and light wood finishes, would be popular in kitchen design in 2023. The Duco finish provides the cabinets with a timeless, fashionable aesthetic that will never date.

Combine vibrant and light tones in the kitchen

It’s time to ditch the muted colors and embrace the vibrant ones! In 2023, vibrant colors tones, such as blue and green are expected to rule kitchen color palettes. Using bright colors like pink, yellow, blue, and green with light wood laminates will guarantee you have the most current kitchen design.

You will love color combinations in your kitchens in 2023. Your kitchen is going to go colorful with a balance of understated counters and dados. Another trending color combination will be white with pastel colors for creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Parallel kitchen layouts will reign in 2023

In Indian homes, the parallel kitchen layout is the most common. Urban Indian households often struggle with a lack of room, therefore parallel kitchen layouts provide an excellent convenience in a smaller footprint. Not to mention that the countertop and storage space is doubled.


Since you are now aware of the kitchen styles that will trend in 2023, prepare yourself to get your ideal kitchen. Bridhi Furnishing, the best interior designer in Gorakhpur, with Sleek Kitchen by Asian Paints, will help you get a modular kitchen in Gorakhpur. Our dedicated and skilled designers provide professional guidance and personalized designs to make your vision a reality.

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