A modular kitchen, providing cabinets or modules designed with excellent craftsmanship, is now presented to you by Sleek Kitchens in Gorakhpur. Depending on the kitchen space available and the locations of various zones (preparation zone, cooking zone, cleaning zone, and dry and wet storage zones), the experts design these cabinets, keeping functionality in mind. Optimizing space use and reducing mobility while cooking in the kitchen are two ways a well-designed modular kitchen can help boost efficiency.

Sleek Kitchens in Gorakhpur presents gorgeous kitchens with fashionable appliances created with design innovation in mind, supported by the reputation and experience of Asian Paints and made with superb craftsmanship. At Bridhi Furnishing, Gorakhpur, in-housing Sleek Kitchens, we make all necessary efforts to ensure your experience is secure and worry-free, including routine sanitization, masks, gloves, and temperature checks. A modular kitchen has several advantages, making your life easier. Read below to know the need to get a modular kitchen.

Benefits of getting a modular kitchen

Increase Storage & Space

Modular kitchens aid in maximizing the storage and open space in your kitchen by cleverly organizing various cabinet styles, units, and kitchen accessories. You make the most of the space you have.

A modular kitchen in Gorakhpur assures that every square inch of your space gets utilized effectively, regardless of its structure, size, or proportions.


A modular kitchen gives you countless alternatives to completely personalize your area, from traditional to contemporary, flamboyant to minimalist, and everything in between!

To create a room that reflects your tastes and aesthetics, choose from a wide range of designs, formats, units, materials, textures, colours, and more from Sleek Kitchen at Bridhi Furnishing in Gorakhpur.

Simple to Repair & Clean

A place where you chop, slice, and cook should undoubtedly be simple to clean. A modular kitchen is very simple to clean up or fix since it is made to give you access to every corner and cranny.

Additionally, modular kitchens by Sleek Kitchen in Gorakhpur provide you access to a variety of countertops and surface materials that are stain- and non-porous and can be quickly cleaned.

Designed to Last

An essential aspect of a well-designed modular kitchen is its quality and durability. You may anticipate that your area will appear and function as well as new for years to come by using high-quality materials, anti-corrosion metals, and wood that is resistant to water damage and termites.

Sleek at Bridhi Furnishing, Gorakhpur, builds your kitchens with only the best materials. MDF and Boiling Water Resistant Marine Plywood are examples of these. To design your kitchens, we employ high-quality laminates, lacquers, and ceramics sourced from across the world.


Who says a space can’t be both beautiful and useful at the same time? You may customize your modular kitchen to fit your aesthetic sense. Thanks to the vast selection of materials, textures, colours, and styles available at Sleek in Gorakhpur. For the innumerable clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with, we have transformed their kitchens into the focal point of the entire house!

We advise communicating your concept for the space up front with our designers. The designers will help you choose the alternatives that best suit your aesthetic in this way.

Simple Remodeling

Your modular kitchen’s flexibility and modularity allow you to alter its appearance, feel, and design whenever you want. It is one of the main benefits of modular kitchens. You may change the look of your area whenever you want by simply changing the tiles, surface, or knobs on your cabinets and counters!

Easy to assemble

All units in a modular kitchen are pre-fabricated, making installation quick and easy as against conventional kitchens, which may need construction at the installation site. In reality, most modular kitchens take less than a week to complete.

Moreover, the plug-and-play nature of these kitchens makes the installation procedure less labour-intensive.

There Are Several Formats Available

Modular kitchens give you a variety of layout options, giving you control over the workflow and organization of your kitchen, including L-shaped, U-shaped, C-shaped, parallel, island, straight-line layouts, and open kitchens.

A parallel style enables you to divide the space into “wet” and “dry” zones, while an L-shaped modular kitchen helps you make the most of the available floor space. At Sleek Kitchen in Gorakhpur, the options are limitless.

Why should you choose Sleek Kitchen?

Sleek Kitchen by Asian Paints offers varieties of modular kitchens of your choice that are aesthetically appealing, durable, and best in functionality. Below are further good reasons for choosing Sleek Kitchens.

  • Sleek at Bridhi Furnishing, Gorakhpur, delivers small kitchens as small as 8 feet by 6 feet all the way up to sumptuous kitchens in extremely large spaces. Whatever the dimensions of your kitchen, a Sleek design can be made specifically for you.
  • For all of your storage needs, Sleek offers a comprehensive selection of baskets, trolleys, corner cabinet accessories, wall units, and free-standing units that mix style and functionality.
  • Every demand can be met by the selection of kitchen appliances from Sleek Kitchens in Gorakhpur. Everything from chic chimneys that guarantee less smoke and odour to better cooktops and hobs, ovens for baking and roasting, dishwashers, wine coolers, and refrigerators.
  • Above all, the cost of a modular kitchen by Sleek Kitchen is determined by its size, design, material, accessories, and hardware choices.


With over 20,000 satisfied customers and 20 years of experience, Sleek by Asian Paints is the industry pioneer in India for modular kitchens. From design to installation, the Sleek process is hassle-free, and the product comes with a ten-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Contact the Sleek store at Bridhi Furnishings in Gorakhpur for a modular kitchen and further details.