Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS) is one of India’s top integrated glass solution providers, focusing on the automotive and architectural glass markets. AIS Windows provides a comprehensive line of high-performance aluminium and uPVC doors and windows solutions. At Bridhi Furnishing, a complete home interior solution provider in Gorakhpur, uPVC doors and windows from AIS come in a variety of customizable options and are generally intended for usage in homes, offices, and apartments. Read the blog to know the types of uPVC Doors and Windows at AIS at Bridhi Furnishing in Gorakhpur.

uPVC Doors and Windows options available at AIS windows in Gorakhpur

uPVC Slide and Fold Door

Slide-and-fold doors are an excellent choice for a uPVC door that allows for additional natural light in the room. It makes you appreciate the openness of nature from the comfort and security of your home. These doors are typically found on balconies and in rooms overlooking a lawn or park.

uPVC Casement Door

Casement Doors are an excellent method to add elegance and beauty to your home and make it more hospitable. This door style is recognized to be one of the most energy-efficient solutions. It combines with uPVC’s outstanding thermal insulation to reduce your electricity bill while keeping your home cooler than the outside temperature.

uPVC Lift & Sliding Door

Lift and sliding doors produce enormous glass walls that move around to accommodate large apertures and let in natural light. These windows are commonly found in large residential spaces such as bungalows and villas, particularly in rooms with an adjacent grass or swimming pool.

uPVC Sliding Doors

Sliding doors offer a clear view of the outside world while taking up little room inside your home. They open and close with little effort. These doors can make any space appear larger while improving airflow within your home.

uPVC French Door and Window

The uPVC French windows and doors will give your home a traditional appeal. They are typically positioned in the back of a house facing the garden. Because of its aesthetically beautiful appearance, it is one of the most common window and door styles in Europe and America, and it has just penetrated the Indian market.

uPVC Side Hung Window

The side hinge allows these windows to open inwards or outwards. Apart from the advantages noted above, these windows provide good ventilation while not impeding the passage of light, making them a popular choice for apartments and other residential spaces.

uPVC Top Hung Window

Top-hung windows have the same benefits as side-hung windows, with the main variation being the position of the hinge. The hinge is positioned at the top of the top-hung windows, whereas it is located on the side of the side-hung windows.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Window

Because of their adaptability, tilt-and-turn windows are one of the most popular window options for small apartments. They may be slanted at an angle for optimal ventilation of your room and twisted and opened like a regular window so you can easily peep out.

uPVC Glass to Glass Window

Glass-to-glass windows provide a nearly obstruction-free panoramic view of the outside world. These windows are the best choice for penthouses and villas with vast gardens, so you can sip your morning coffee while admiring the scenery. On AIS Windows, a wide variety of glass options are available for you to select.

uPVC Fixed Window

uPVC fixed windows are your best option if you’re on a tight budget and need windows to let in plenty of light. Because they are inexpensive and cannot be opened or closed, these uPVC windows are a fantastic option for commercial structures like offices, supermarkets, etc.

These are the most popular uPVC window and door options from AIS Windows available at Bridhi Furnishing in Gorakhpur. You will have a flawless and durable experience with AIS Windows. Thanks to the exceptional material quality and a team of experts. From choosing the ideal door or window style for you to having it installed professionally and securely, our team will help you at every step.

Features of uPVC Doors and Windows from AIS

  • The sleek option for contemporary settings
  • A variety of eye-catching and fashionable styles
  • Can save you up to 40% on energy
  • For a quieter interior, use high-noise insulation.
  • The most secure option for greater protection
  • Stay gorgeous for longer with no rotting or rust


AIS Windows at Bridhi Furnishing, the best complete home interior solution provider in Gorakhpur, provides a complete 360-degree solution, including design, consultancy, glass and frame selection, and installation. We provide the best glass products, hardware fittings, and materials. Through our broad product selection, we also cater to various functions like safety, security, noise cancellation, and energy efficiency in addition to more traditional tasks like environmental protection, day illumination, and aesthetics.

To purchase uPVC doors and windows, visit Bridhi Furnishing in Gorakhpur.