Your kitchen is not just a place for cooking, it is the heart of your house and reflects your taste and personality. In addition, a beautifully designed kitchen inspires you with new ideas and enhances your culinary expertise. So, it is crucial that you get your kitchen designed with efficiency and customization. Bridhi Furnishing, a complete home solution provider in Gorakhpur, in collaboration with Sleek Kitchens from Asian Paints, offers various functional and gorgeous kitchen types. We present kitchens with stylish appliances created with exquisite craftsmanship.

Here, let us explore some of the best designs in the Kitchen we offer.

  1. The Epicurean

This spacious modern kitchen is designed for elegant, urbane, big-hearted people who appreciate exquisite design. If elegant, deep colour schemes are your thing, you’ll undoubtedly get lost in this minimalist retreat. The large centre island serves as both a dynamic dining space and a seamless extension of your living room in this linearly designed kitchen.

This kitchen is exactly right for wowing guests with interesting chats and fine wine.

  • The Vintage Connoisseur

This traditional country-style kitchen, with its laid-back elegance and plenty of soothing colours and wood, is a collector’s dream. There is something homey about this kitchen ambience, which was specially created as an ode to traditional connoisseurs who would love to display their world.

Therefore, if you enjoy having your kitchen be the centre of attention, this one is for you.

  • The Nature Lover

Natural, lovely, and organic. This little kitchen design is decorated in mint and earthy tones, adding a completely new level to natural living. This kitchen was deliberately created for nature lovers who have developed a taste for anything organic utilising an eclectic combination of distinctive colours including matt beige and glossy greens.

Everything has a life of its own if you look closely.

  • The Romantic

The den of this young couple is little, lovely, and happy. The lively colour scheme of this kitchen exudes enthusiasm. The pair can relax, enjoy themselves, and prepare meals in the kitchen, which is intended as such.

What is more, then?

Even better, you may use it as a charming, inviting eating space to enjoy meals together.

  • Emperor

A grand kitchen is ideal for a large family that enjoys hosting large family get-togethers and keeping them close-knit for future generations. For daring food enthusiasts who take great care in their eclectic recipe book collection, the spacious, open-book kitchen is ideal.

  • The Soloist

This well-thought-out kitchen is enhanced with a wood finish and lovely shutters that create a light, creative atmosphere.

The compact, chic and playful kitchen is ideal for folks who enjoy doing things their own way without ever sacrificing comfort and convenience.

  • The Crest Collection

Let your kitchen enhance the opulence that surrounds it. Four opulent kitchen designs make up The Crest Collection by Sleek Kitchens.

Traditional, Classical, Minimalistic, Contemporary

Each concept consists of three — Bold, Matt, and Intense. You can draw inspiration from them or combine them to create something unique.

Why should you choose Bridhi Furnishing for designing your kitchen?

Bridhi Furnishing in Gorakhpur offers modular kitchens that make your life easier and are also gorgeous.            It offers freedom and customization. Each unit of the modular kitchen helps you make the most of the available space, by providing you with plenty of storage and a small overall footprint. The factors that make us the best for designing modular kitchens are

  • Kitchen design experts with perfect execution
  • Factory-installed kitchen with modern materials, finishes, and quality
  • Innovative storage options that make the most of available space and reduce headaches
  • 10 years warranty
  • 800 different colour options


Bridhi Furnishing with Sleek Kitchens from Asian Paints in Gorakhpur not only displays a variety of kitchen designs but also gives you the chance to see how your kitchen will operate and assists you in selecting bespoke options that meet your needs. You’ll discover that our pricing is ideal for various budgets whether you’re moving into a new house or trying to repair an outdated kitchen. To design your kitchen, contact us.