Sunlight or natural light has several advantages for your health and well-being. The prime source of vitamin D, sunlight, is essential for your health and improves your happiness, sleep, and vision. Living in a room with lots of light improves your mood and gives you more energy than when it’s dark and gloomy. The ability to conserve electricity during the day is another benefit of having sunlight streaming into your home. A room that is well-ventilated and spacious uses less artificial lighting, so you don’t need to leave the lights on for as long. However, many buildings do not get enough sunlight. If you live in such apartments, we have some advice for you on how to enhance the natural lighting in your home.

You can use the following tips and techniques to maximize natural light in your home.

Use light colors

The LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, of light hues, is higher, with white having the maximum LRV at 100%. With a 0% LRV, it indicates that white is the color that reflects light the most and black the least. White is the material of choice if you want to open up space because it reflects natural light.

Dazzling white might give off a cold, sterile impression. You do, however, have choices. There are numerous undertones and hues to white. Choose a color and undertone that goes with your overall style and enhances the amount of natural light in your home’s décor. If you are adamantly opposed to white, think about pastels or other lighter hues that will reflect the natural light in your home.

Use lustrous surfaces

Naturally, shiny surfaces are effective reflectors. The following are some methods to enhance the glossy surfaces in your home:

  • Wherever you can, use metal accents; hardware and light fixtures are a couple of examples.
  • Choose glazed wall tiles and dazzling counters like marble, granite, etc. for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Instead of a matte finish, use satin finish, eggshell sheen, or high gloss paints because they are more reflective.

Choose the right flooring material

Polished surfaces are effective in reflecting both artificial and natural light. Choose materials like stone, wood, or ceramic. These can either be polished or glazed to provide luster if that is what is required. Sparkling floors will naturally reflect and increase light. To keep the room feeling airy, use rugs and carpets with a matte finish and lighter colors.

Keep windows neat and clean.

More light will enter through a clean window than a soiled one. If your apartment has glass windows, a lot of dust and debris will eventually build up on the surface. Have a schedule for cleaning your windows so that you do it at least once every two or three weeks to ensure that more good light reaches your space. In a perfect world, you could clean glass surfaces with a microfiber cloth. To allow the most light to enter, it is preferable to remove any heavy ornaments from the window sill, such as large indoor plants. Moreover, routinely remove any creepers and tree branches that might be obstructing the window’s light.

Use glass doors, windows and walls.

Another way to improve the natural light flow in your home is by installing glass doors and windows. It makes your living space more open, which increases ventilation. Think about installing sliding glass doors or French doors in place of the solid doors and windows. If you are willing to spend some money on an upgrade, bi-folding glass doors are another excellent option. If you want the light to pour into your room, you need to have several access points. If you need privacy, frosty or etched glass can be your best option.

Consider installing a whole glass wall if you have access to beautiful vistas. It will let in more natural light and provide them with unhindered access to the attractions.

Mirrors are another effective home design tool for enhancing natural light. Put them in the home’s corners that don’t get as much natural light or opposite the sources of that light.

Go for visually-light furniture.

Light furniture, like everything else, will make the rooms appear bigger, especially in homes with little natural light. Moreover, “visually light” furniture refers to items that are not bulky and do not obstruct movement or natural light in the room. For instance, furnishings with exposed legs, cubby-style shelves, open shelving, etc., allow more natural light to enter a room. Also, it would imply that the furniture needed to fit the space appropriately.

Also, make use of light curtains and blinds to enhance the flow of natural light. Heavy curtains and blinds might keep the house from getting natural light. Verify that nothing is in the way of the doors and windows.

Use artificial light to boost natural light.

You can complement and enhance natural light with artificial lighting. No matter how much natural light is present in a given area of a house, there are always nooks, bathrooms, corridors, etc. that need a boost. Homeowners have more control now that there are choices for artificial light in terms of intensity, color, and temperature.

Warm white/yellow light, harsh and cold white light, and natural white light that simulates daylight in a home are the most popular choices.


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